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What Does History Remember? 

BY BRIAN CABANISS / @11cannons

"History will not remember who played the best football but who won the trophy."

I have to say, over the last several years as a Gooner, I’ve heard or read reasoning to that effect countless times. It’s nigh on impossible to go more than a week without being reminded by a hack journalist or by a rival supporter of the time passed since the last time the Arsenal lifted a trophy.

In the 2007-2008 Premier League season, from August to February there was one team head and shoulders above the rest in England. We lost our first game to Middlesbrough in December of that season, and would only lose twice more, to Chelsea and United, in the run-in. Half the Premiership XI wore red shirts with white sleeves that season. There were matches where our midfield swarmed opponents in the same manner Barcelona regularly do today.

But in an all too familiar fashion, we suffered some key injuries. Van Persie was having another one of those seasons, crocked on international duty in October for Holland. Rosicky began his long spell out with that mysterious hamstring knack in January. And there was no mystery whatsoever about Eduardo’s broken leg on that fateful day at St. Andrews in late February.

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A Journey Worth Making

BY JUSTIN MEUSE / @meusethegunner

I have been an Arsenal supporter for over a decade now, but being American I came about supporting the club in a very different manner to those in England. It was not based on where I grew up or who my family supported, but the product of watching as many Premier League matches as I could after I first got regular access to European football on television.

I knew I wanted to support a club from a major city which subsequently limited my choices, but by the end of the campaign there was only one choice; after all there’s only one club that play the beautiful game in a truly beautiful way.

In 2009 I had the opportunity to study abroad in Glasgow. Knowing that I would be in the UK during football season I promptly secured a ticket to an Arsenal home match. The lodging would have to be sorted later as I circled April 4th in my diary – the day the Gunners hosted City at the Emirates.

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Missing Dad 

BY MATT GOLDING / @Matt_Golding

Like a lot of fans I know, my love for Arsenal has been inherited from my Dad and the passion that we share has meant we frequently watch games together.

That includes the trip to Milan back in February which, whilst having a fantastic build up, was devastating for the both of us. Having been optimistic ahead of the game the trauma of such a heavy defeat and the sense of betrayal which accompanied the performance was so strong that my father refused to watch the home leg, despite tickets being available. Although I too was obviously disappointed, I had a feeling we could turn it around.

I’d missed the 5-2 win over Spurs in the days before and having also missed the win over Barcelona the season before there was no way I was going to miss another potentially unforgettable date at the Emirates. 

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Wolves At The Door, Arsenal In My Heart


If you were born in Wolverhampton in the early 1990s local legend Steve Bull was invariably your hero…he just didn’t happen to be mine.  There’s no two ways about it, my father was a dyed-in-the-wool Wolves fan; so much so in fact, that I actually suspect that if my mum had told him she was a West Bromwich Albion fan there’s a good chance I’d never have been conceived.

Anyway, as a result of his obsession when I was growing up, trips with my dad to Molineux were not unusual. My first football memory involves seeing Wolves play Walsall in the First Division, although I think I slept through most of it.

Despite the family connection my walls have never found themselves plastered with pictures of players sporting the gold and black. While I did initially taunt fans who weren’t of the Wolves persuasion (my best friend is a Newcastle fan and I had a teacher who liked Villa) it was only after watching a few Arsenal games that I realised my true love.

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A Journey's End

BY KIN FAI / @aeroberg

January 5th, 2012 will be a date I remember forever. It was the day I decided to part company with the bonus I’d earned the previous year so I could pay for my debut visit to the Arsenal.

It would be easy to run through all the things I did from that point to the moment I arrived on the doorstep at the Emirates Stadium (it always leaves a bitter taste acknowledging my club’s home by a corportate sponsors name), but instead I’ll focus on how I went about selecting the games I wanted to watch. My preference was to watch a Champions League tie and a Premier League match during my stay in London, with both games at home as I didn’t fancy trekking around England.

In many ways, the AC Milan and Newcastle games fit the bill. They constituted a European and domestic double with the first scheduled for the evening and the second orginally supposed to be a 3pm Saturday kickoff. Alas, ESPN’s decision to broadcast the match with Alan Pardew’s side meant the match was subsequently moved to a Monday evening, but it didn’t matter too much. Excitement was still very much bursting through my veins - not even an additional fee to delay my flight to fit the rescheduled match could quell that excitement.

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Booed Until The Final Whistle


Many, many years ago, I was at Highbury watching Arsenal against Blackpool in a game in which Stan Matthews was playing.

Seemingly pissed off by the magic of the ‘Wizard of the Dribble,’ a certain member of the Arsenal team, by the name of Alex Forbes, took matters into his own hands.

As Stan was weaving his way down the right wing, Forbes came flying across with a challenge which sent the Blackpool man first into touch and then into the gully surrounding the pitch.

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Bringing Family Together

BY @WicklowGooner

I have supported Arsenal since the age of nine, which means I’ve been a Gooner for 16 years. During that time I’ve experienced the joy of winning the league at Old Trafford and White Hart Lane and been privileged to watch some of the greatest players ever in the history of this great club. My most treasured Arsenal memory though isn’t a cup final win or vital league victory, but rather last years’s routine dismantling of Wigan in 2011.

The reason this is my favourite game is because it is the first I ever attended with both my father and brother in tow. I’ve attended games since I have been old enough to pay my own way to London from Ireland, but the Wigan win was the first time my father had attended a live football match.

From the early trip to the airport to pre-game beers and pizza it was obvious all three of us were excited. That anticipation reached new levels when we stepped out of Arsenal tube station and crossed over the bridge. You could see the awe on the faces of my brother and father as they saw the Emirates in all its glory for the first time.

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More Than Just A Club 

BY BRIAN ROCHE / @brianroche07

I started supporting Arsenal in the 1995/96 season, although it wasn’t through my parents that I caught the football bug, but via a transitional year under the watchful eye of my uncles. As an Irishman you’ll perhaps be unsurprised to hear that the most prominantly supported sport in my family is hurling, with football traditionally playing second fiddle. That started to change though during the eighties when a number of my relatives, including my parents, moved to London in search of work. Football started to take a hold, particularly on my uncles who supported Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal between them.

What followed was a real battle for my affections. My first ever live game was at Upton Park where I watched West Ham take on Liverpool and that was followed by a second helping of the Reds when they played QPR at Loftus Road. I was also handed countless Manchester United jerseys and loads of Red Devil memorabilia, but it was a VHS recording of THAT night at Anfield that stole my heart. My Arsenal uncle let the other two battle it out for a while, until one evening when he was minding me, he threw on the tape – the rest is history!

I moved back to Ireland in 2006, but the one thing I miss is matchdays. I went to countless games at Highbury, and a fair few away games against London opponents, but for me nothing beats Champions League nights. I was lucky enough to be at some amazing games including the win over Juventus, where Dennis produced the greatest assist I’ve ever seen, the victory over Shakhtar Donetsk, when Martin Keown scored twice, and the semi-final win over Villarreal.

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One Night in Madrid

BY DAVE CURRAN / @DaveCurran1984

I’ve been very lucky during my time supporting Arsenal to see some great games in the flesh. However, without a doubt, the night we won away to Real Madrid is my favourite.

We were having a terrible season in the Premier League, had already been knocked out of both the domestic cups, and despite progressing easily as top of our Champions League group, still managed to draw the ‘Galacticos’ in the first knockout round.

Me and the same group who’d travelled to Sparta Prague earlier in the season all booked flights and a hotel as soon as Arsenal’s name was drawn from the UEFA pot. It was only when we arrived in Spain that we started the hunt for tickets. After finding a very nice, but definitely dodgy, East European tout we exchanged €200 each knowing full well we’d be seated with the home fans.

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Their Miserable Faces

BY ANDREW FOULIA / @UnfunnyNameHere

My first year as an Arsenal season ticket holder coincided with the 1988/89 season. As I was only 11 at the time and amazingly it only cost £16. Yes, sixteen pounds…for a whole season. It’s fair to say times have changed. My dad and American uncle Chuck also had tickets for the year and there’s were only £34 each!

At the time we had no idea George Graham’s side would be challenging for the title, let alone win it. As such there were some great moments along the way; experiencing my first live last gasp injury-time equaliser having been 2-0 down against Southampton certainly comes to mind. Of course there were lows as well. The home defeat to Derby County in the penultimate home game of the season had everyone thinking the title was gone, nobody even bothered to celebrate Alan Smith’s late consolation goal…although, little did we realise how important goal difference would prove to be.

Though we went to every home match in all competitions, we weren't travelling supporters so only went to one away game, the 3-2 win against that small club down the road in the third game of the season. By the time May 26th arrived we’d agreed as a family to watch the title decider together at home.

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