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April 1980 - A Football Marathon & The Hero of Turin


April 1980 proved to be the most exhausting month in the club’s history. In the 30 days between 2 April and 1 May Arsenal played 11 games – five in the league and six cup ties. Incredibly, although we only won three of those games we still entered the history books.

I went up to Hillsborough for the FA Cup semi-final against Liverpool on 12 April; it was not a memorable match. The game ended 0–0 prompting The Observer to report ‘that this was a match from which no one was due a victory. Rarely can so many gifted players have combined to produce so much scuffling mundanity’.

The replay at Villa Park followed four days later and provided a far more competitive game, but again it ended with the scores level. And so it went on. Three days after the replay, one of those oddities of the League calendar meant we played Liverpool in the League at Anfield – another 1-1 draw – then the Cup marathon continued at Villa Park with yet another 1–1 stalemate.

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Not Just Another Rollercoaster Ride

BY @ChangeArsenal

In the grand scheme of Arsenal history, the 2011/12 season will largely be forgotten. There are far more noteworthy seasons in our clubs history than our 125 anniversary season, and after the highs and lows of last season, I think it’s safe to say that many of us are quite happy to draw a line under that season, and move onto next season.

In truth, the events of last August meant our title campaign was over before it had even began, and I think it’s fair to say I speak for most Gooners in saying I would have happily accepted 3rd place at any point in the season, considering the summer and the start we had.

We all know the low points, they don’t need revisiting, the media remind us of them enough as it is, however in a season we will largely forget and move on from, there really were some magical moments.

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A Year Of Goodbyes 

BY MARK BENNETT / @BaselGooner

The following entry is a compilation of mini blogs written during the final season at Highbury and first published on


So the 2005/6 season has started and I have to say farewell to what has been my second home for just under 30 years - Highbury or, as we Gooners say, THOF (The Home of Football).

Many clubs, for a variety of reasons, have changed stadium in recent years and I'm sure their supporters felt all manner of emotions when they did. This season-long blog will hopefully give you an insight into how I’m feeling about the huge forthcoming change in my football life.  

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Like Taking A Drug


I live in India, in the homely town of Kolkata, and when I was young I developed a love of Arsenal. I didn’t know much about them, aside from they were a club in England and the only team I used to play as on Fifa 99, despite Manchester United being more popular.

I knew the manager was called Arsene Wenger, and figured his name had something to do with why he was hired. I also knew all about Thierry Henry after watching him win the World Cup with France in 1998.

It took time, but gradually I imbibed an interest in the club through watching matches more regularly. It was then that I began to truly admire what it was the club stood for – playing really ‘good’ football.

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The Gent In The Cream Suit And Arsenal Tie

BY HUGO GREENHALGH / @hugogreenhalgh

Every Gooner remembers their first Arsenal match. However, my first visit was made extra special by the sight of a true Arsenal legend.

The match itself was a 3-0 win against Sunderland, on a lovely Easter afternoon in March 2002. As we know, the team were on their way to completing a second ‘Double’ under Wenger. How I took such success for granted as a 10-year old!

Yet I’d started the day not thinking I’d end up inside the ground. My mum had promised a trip to the Arsenal museum and the club shop to spend a voucher (a £2 birthday present from the Junior Gunners). I used it to get a figurine of Robert Pires. However, it was another Bobby that made my day.

I don’t know if it was the fine weather or the allure of Highbury’s famous marble halls, but my mum said we could try and see if there were any spare tickets at the box office for the day’s game. As it happens, there were, and right bang in the middle of the North Bank. I was about to lose my Arsenal virginity.

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Anfield’s Sweaty Compost Corner 

BY SIMON RICH / @Cornholio73

On the morning of May 26th 1989, I should have been making my way to school. Having turned 16-years-old just three months before, I’d unofficially finished in full-time education but frustratingly still had the pain of a geography GCSE re-take hanging over me.

I had no intention though of taking this exam. I’d already secured a job and was well prepared for the wrath of my parents once they inevitably found out I hadn't turned up. You see this Friday wasn’t any old Friday; it was the climax of the 1988-89 First Division football championship. After a painfully emotional season following Arsenal there was nothing that was going to stop me attending the final game at Anfield.

The Gunners had enjoyed a fantastic season under George Graham. We’d played wonderful football at times and deservedly maintained a title challenge for much of the season. Liverpool of course were considered to be almost invincible and apart from the occasional Everton title, they seem to have won almost every title in the eighties.

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In The Moment Of It All 


After the rollercoaster season we've just had, it's nice to sometimes reminisce about the good times we've had as Arsenal fans. I’ll always remember for example, the first game I attended with my Dad, will forever cherish the ‘Invincibles’ season and won’t ever forget the day I sat down to watch the North London derby with my new stepbrother, only to find out he was a Spurs fan.

It was December 2nd 2006, the day before my 18th birthday, and my stepbrother, Dad and I went to our local, The Bluebell in Bedford, to watch Arsenal take on Spurs. We weren’t doing well in the league at the time and having lost to Bolton, Fulham and West Ham in the preceding weeks I was very nervous about the derby.

My stepbrother on the other hand was confident. Not only was confidence low after two consecutive defeats, we were also without the injured Thierry Henry and had a nasty habit of conceding the first goal in seemingly every game at our new home.  

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A Birthday That Felt Like Christmas


A while back, I submitted an entry to the Memory Bank (read it here) detailing the first and only time I'd ever watched Arsenal in the flesh, a debut which saw me witness Arsene Wenger's side win the title at Old Trafford on that famous spring evening in 2002. In that piece, I alluded to an upcoming visit to The Emirates Stadium to see them in action for a second time - almost 10 years later. 

The trip was a 21st birthday present from my fiancée, Joanna, and I don't think she'll ever fully appreciated just how much it meant to me. It was a lifelong dream come true. Walking to the stadium from Finsbury Park that evening can only be described as an emotional experience. Seeing people walking from every direction draped in red and white, all for one purpose, all together, kindred spirits, united in the love of our football club. 

It's the sort of feeling that is hard for non-football fans to comprehend. I felt like I belonged, I felt like I had arrived home after twenty-one years. All those years of pretending to be Marc Overmars in the back garden, of checking teletext for Arsenal goal updates, searching the length and width of Northern Ireland to find a JVC Arsenal replica shirt...they had all led me to this one magical moment. I beamed a smile which lasted for days.

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You're Not Singing Anymore

BY MICKEY DENNIS / @mickeyhorton

I’ve been an Arsenal fan for seven years now, finally taking an interest in international soccer following the 2006 World Cup in Germany. For one reason or another it took 15 years to start properly following the sport which I’d played since I was just 5-years-old, but despite being slow on the uptake I was eager to make up for lost time.

I wanted to pick an English club to follow and knowing that my grandfather had been born in London I wanted it to be a team from the capital. At the time I was certain he’d grown up in Hampstead so I started doing some research and found that Arsenal and Tottenham were the two closest clubs to the area. I vaguely recalled that Arsenal had recently gone unbeaten for an entire season, so I figured they’d be a decent side to follow and began watching videos of games and reading about the history of the club. I was instantly a fan and there was no turning back when I found out I’d got my grandfather’s birthplace wrong and he was actually from Hanwell!

Over the coming years me devotion to Arsenal steadily grew. I watched almost every game and celebrated as much as fan in the United States could, but I knew I needed to visit the Emirates and experience a matchday in the flesh. Having committed to studying in London, my first thought on arrival was to buy a ticket to the first game I could.

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Meeting Bobby

BY REUBEN LEWIS / @rlewisafc

On Saturday the 12th of May, I met my hero Robert Pires, and I hope my story of how and what happened leading up to this miraculous event will fill your hearts with warmth and joy!

With my exams around the corner, this weekend was not expected to consist of anything other than worrying about Arsenal revision. However, on Saturday afternoon, my French mate Nathan texted me saying Robert Pires would be playing in a charity match at Craven Cottage that night, knowing he is my hero. I wondered how could this be? After all Robert was supposed to be in India. I instantly asked Nathan of his source; apparently his football coach is good friends with Pires and was also playing. That's good enough I thought.

I rampaged through the house, destroying all that came before me, in search of a permanent marker pen. Success! I carefully removed my Pires poster from my wall, got my Arsenal scarf, and set off to Craven Cottage, dribbling at the thought of meeting Bobby - the man the word dreamy was invented for. But more importantly, he is a legend, who throughout my life I've tried to emulate on the pitch, and also with facial hair. I have tried in vain on numerous occasions to grow a goatee. All God has given me is bloody bumfluff! I may or may not have once cut a bit of hair off and stuck it on my chin; however I do not wish to comment on speculation.

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