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A Rude Awakening 


I’m an old Gooner and as such, one of my earliest recollections regarding a couple of our club’s most esteemed players, occurred way back in the early fifties.

In those days, we young fans, during the school half- terms, would go to Highbury and wait around to collect the players' autographs. I expect many of you other oldies did the same…

Anyway, on this one particular occasion we spotted the great Denis Compton along with his brother Leslie, or Les as he was mostly called, coming down the steps of the famous Marble Halls.

Excitedly, we kids rushed up to the famous duo. “Can we have your autographs please?” we asked, ever so politely.

Came the answer from good old Les, “Fuck off!” Before he climbed into a waiting car and fucked off himself.

So, neither Denis or Leslie Compton’s names made it into my book. It’s funny how simple little things like that stick in the mind after 60 plus years. 

Needless to say, Les Compton was not my favourite player after that…not that he was before. The prick.

Happy days. Oh to, Oh to be, Oh to be a Gooner.


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Brilliant post. Made me smile.

Up the Arsenal !!

March 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMatt
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