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How Did It End? 


It was the 26th May 1989, the night of Arsenal’s title decider with Anfield. I’m not there; I’m on tour with a student production of Antigone in Northern Ireland.

At the quietest most intense moment of this harrowing Greek tragedy, an instant where the audience members has their hearts torn out, there was a rogue yell from just behind the stage scenery.

Michael Thomas had scored!

I was watching on a black and white portable as I waited to come on. I was forced to stuff my fist in my mouth, just so the play could continue. It was, as you might imagine, very difficult to tone down the glee in my voice as I performed my soliloquy at the tragic end of the play.

My dad had the job of recording the match for me so I could watch it when I got home. I sat down and enjoyed the first half knowing what was to come…then a snow storm descended on the screen. I certainly didn’t remember any such weather on the night.

“Oh I didn’t think you’d be interested in the adverts,” said my non-sports fan father, “I must have forgotten to press record again in the second half. How did it end?”

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