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The last goal

BY ALEX WALLMAN / @Gooneralex

I'll always remember that last day at Highbury. Climbing the steps from the concourse to take our seats in the North Bank upper and looking down on that luscious green pitch for the last time – it was as it always had been, very special.  Little box of chips in hand we each put on the extra-large t-shirts which had been laid out for us – they were huge, especially as I was only in small shirts at the time!

We watched the team warm up as usual, but the game to me is a blur aside from the moment when Henry stood waiting to take his penalty. The way he ran up to take it. The way the ball hit the back of the net. The way he acknowledged the Arsenal fans in the North Bank. The way he kissed the Highbury turf. It was tremendous. We loved Thierry Henry and we loved the fact he loved The Arsenal.

That is why my greatest memory of Highbury is also my last.

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