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Taking to the Pitch


Back in April 2006, I entered a competition with my O2 to play in a five-a-side tournament at Highbury just after the end of the last season and before the redevelopment work started. I got a call about two weeks later telling me I had won and could bring a squad of eight to play in the tournament.

The whole day was amazing! I scored a half volley in matchday goal in front of the North Bank during an extremely unruly warm up session. My team finished second bottom of the whole tournament in the end, we only scored two goals of which I got one, but we still got to walk through the Marble Halls, out of the tunnel and onto the pitch. We even changed in the home dressing room and it still gives me shivers when I think of the players that have graced that pitch and to think I too had the chance to experience it.

What’s more Charlie George, who was one of the guests for the day, likened me to a gazelle! I’m sure it was sarcasm, but who cares! It was a great day and I’ve been left with amazing memories.

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