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Through the eyes of a child


Supporting The Arsenal has, over the years, given me some incredible highs, such as being at White Hart Lane in 1971 and watching Michael Thomas scoring at Anfield in '89, as well as the many lows any time we lose.

However despite the many memorable games I have seen, the one that I hold most dear is not a major cup final or title decider, but instead it is a friendly fixture. Martin Keown's testimonial to be precise.

December 2003 was the time that "An Arsenal shirt" appeared on my daughter's Christmas list, but it was Keown's testimonial that would be the first chance I had to get tickets to take her to a game. Our seats were high up in the old North Stand and as we emerged out onto the steps the ground was laid out below us, bathed in the late Spring sunshine.

I started down towards our seats, but soon realised I was talking to myself. When I turned to see where my Daughter was she was still standing where we had emerged, eyes and mouth wide open in amazement ,and I knew then that she had inherited her Dad's love for the club and would be a Gooner for life.

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