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Childhood memories of Anfield 1989



I may only have been six-years-old, but I will never forget the 26th May 1989.

Kitted out in an Umbro replica kit from the early eighties, my whole family and I went to watch the Arsenal-Liverpool title decider at my father's friend's house in Ashford, Middlesex. There were three families of Gooners around the television set that night and I remember it being very crowded.

The match is a blur...what I recall is mostly what I've seen a hundred times in replays, but when Michael Thomas scored I remember rolling around on the ground like it was me who'd got the goal. When the final whistle blew and George Graham's side were crowned Champions, the house went crazy.

That night the other kids and I stayed up for hours playing football in the dark as we tried to recreate what we'd just seen at Anfield. It was a magical night. 

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Anfied *89 was my first time of seeing ARSENAl life. i was 12yrs old and i made d trip with ma father and ma uncle who are both SPURS AND LIVERPOOL supporter...Right there on the spot, i made a choice to support this Gooners** and im so glad..... of cos my dad didnt speak to me till we get back to nigeria...i didnt care then....spurs *(&^^%$$......22 yrs and still waxing stronger.....I CAN NEVER FORGET

October 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterEsther

Awesome night. I came off the sofa into a knee burning slide across the carpet in a double fist clench ;-)

Oh for a moment like that again, still you're lucky to see one of them in your lifetime. Unless you're a Sperz fan......

October 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterBob Stepanovs
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