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To The Arsenal 

BY ANDY PETERS / @andypeters10

On the 20 September '86
I first witnessed Woodcock, Sansom and Rix
My first game at the Arsenal and what a bore
Home to Oxford, a scoreless draw
And then one afternoon as my dad predicted
2-1 v the Hornets and I was addicted
with goals from Groves and Niall Quinn
I was hooked from the day of my first Arsenal win
Went with my dad, game after game
Saturdays would never be the same
West Upper, Block F seat 58
A tip to the man, carried over the gate
My dad telling me stories of the rise and the fall
Of Radford, George, Simpson and Ball
Of Brady's curler at White Hart Lane
Anderlecht, Valencia, the joy and the pain
A bagel, hot chocolate and the smell of cigar
Men reading programmes, propped up by the bar
The marching band, the marble halls
The history, the class, the thrill of it all
Watching the Arsenal was a joy to behold
As I welcomed the famous back four to the fold
Dixon, Adams, Nigel and Bould
And Dave Seaman was safe hands (before he got old)
Eighty seven, eighty nine and ninety one
The first trophies in my era that we had won
With Wrighty, Smudge, Marwood and Merse
Not the prettiest, sure, but it could have been worse
After all don’t forget Kiwomya and Caeser,
Selley, Mcgoldrick and Helder the teaser
And there's Carter, Heaney and Morrow
In the end George's departure wasn’t such sweet sorrow
In came Bruce who signed the Dutch Master
Got us playing on the ground, our tempo much faster
Home to Bolton, the clock end roared
Secured UEFA when Platty scored
None of us knew what we were about to behold
When the unknown man from Japan came into the fold
Professor physique and maths teacher glasses
Out went the hoofs and in came the passes
At half-time v Wednesday, Parlour withdrew
For Patrick Vieira's, premier league debut
That night just felt like a whole new era
Dominating the league that one step nearer
In Arsene's first season, the league and the cup
Would you believe it, that sums it all up
Le Sulk departed to Real Madrid
For the training ground and Henry, we were happy to rid
'02 was my favourite season yet,
My memories of Old Trafford, I'll never forget,
Freddy and Bobby ripping full backs apart,
And Dennis and Henry made football an art
Then in '04, never to be repeated
As we went through the whole season undefeated
I was there in April at Shite Hart Lane
I nearly got killed but it was so worth the pain
The next few years, weren't quite the same
As players departed seeking money and fame
FA Cup win apart (which we didn't deserve)
If we were still eating caviar, it was just an hors d'oeuvre
I miss our old ground, it just isn't the same
The Emirates too commercial, just look at the name
Corporate "supporters" late out for the half
All suits and jackets, no sign of a scarf
7 years with no medals, seems an endless wait
But we've gone longer stretches in a trophyless state
Our time will come, just be patient please all
Because we are the famous Arsenal
And whilst we cherish everything that came before
We are privileged to watch the team we adore
With integrity, history and endless class
TO THE ARSENAL I say as I raise my glass.


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Das liegtGafas Ray Ban Meinung nach vor allem daran,weil man unbedingt möchte, dass die eigene Sonnenbrille sehr gut und Gafas Carreracool aussieht.Du weisst Deine Sehstärke nicht, dann vereinbare doch einfach einen Termin mit Deinem brillen-butler vor Ort

May 15, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterutyjdgf
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