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The Greatest Day Of My Life

BY ADITHYA V / @PositiveGunner

It has been over 6 months since that glorious day and I can’t help but put this down into words...


A young man in his twenties, I am today
The end of this lifetime, quite far away
But in all these years, I truly must say
The 26th of February, was my greatest day

Achieve something great? I didn’t really
An important global event? In a way surely
But a major life moment? Oh quite clearly
And a memory to cherish? oh so very dearly

To do with football, this memory is you see
My good old Arsenal, with its proud history
Faced with arch rivals, a victory causing glee
But not the only reason, ’twas special for me

Fierce neighbour rivals, the lilywhites assemble
as jitters in the crowd, cause some to tremble
The game kicks off, the cheers causing a rumble
But soon at 2-0 down, hopes began to crumble

They mocked us, for 13 pts clear were they
even mocking Wenger, wanting him to stay
The rivalry intense, quite a few in a fray
While some around me, even began to pray

but gunners that day, said “No, we shall fight”
Sagna’s header, began a first glimmer of light
The captain equalized, a moment of delight
2-2 at half time, with possible victory in sight

During half time, some began to see red
“Take off Walcott, he is useless” they said
“We should now bring on the Ox to go ahead”
But our great gaffer, chose to motivate instead

The second half began, the way the first had ended
Little Mozart scored, his celebration, splendid
after months of injury, his name in history amended
But little did fans know, this joy would be transcended

Theodore James Walcott, a man with little support
To his harshest critics, an athelete playing a sport
With two great goals, he provided the perfect retort
and caused an absolute rout, the finest of its sort

Atmosphere in the stadium, electric once more
to the rival fans, “WHO ARE YA”, they roar
before turning their attention to one adebayor
and asking him vociferously, “WHAT’S THE SCORE”

For many Arsenal fans, one of the greatest days
A game worth recording, to watch a million replays
Every player that day, worthy of highest praise
But for me in particular, there was an added glaze

A wonderful woman, for the whole time by my side
Holding my hand, and taking the poor start in stride
Through ups and downs, until the final whistle died
Cheering all along, as rivals were brushed aside

Her prescence that day, made everything more sweet
So genuinely excited, that her every action upbeat
Her first time at the Emirates, what an utter treat
Without her, for me that day would be incomplete

Watching that game, was a most joyous endeavour
But after the final whistle, a moment cherished forever
“I Love you” she said, for the first time ever
We’re not together now, but will I forget? NEVER

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