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Gooner Till I Die

BY AMREEN BHUJWALA / @Goonergurl20

There is a feeling of growing discomfort in my heart
something tells me you’re falling apart.
No, no, oh mighty Arsenal, don’t go,
Don’t give up!
For what the future holds, you will never know.
Stand tall, with your head raised high,
and remember the times you made us cry.
Live for those tears, those hopes, those ambitions.
Don’t go down without a fight.
For you are our might Arsenal,
The one and only Arsenal,
and there has never been quite one like you.
Pride, glory and respect to the Arsenal!
We love you!
Gooner for life!

Well, obviously now, things have changed.

We’ve got Mr. Safe-Hands Szczesny
and the impermeable pair of Vermesacker.
We’ve got Koscielny, Squillaci and Jenkinson,
all standing tall
Sagna and Santos and Djourou,
bringing up the rear.
We’ve got Ramsey, Wilshere and Frimpong,
three budding youngsters, eager to sing Arsenal’s Song!
Rosicky, Arshavin and Chamakh,
play an equally important role.
And all the new signings,
Arteta, Benayoun, Park,
Gervinho, Miyaichi and Chamberlain;
We hope to have them contribute extensively.
And who can forget our dearest captain RVP
and his best on-field mate Walcott.
Pulled us out of many a sticky situation have these two!
And last but not the least,
Le Boss, the great,
The one and only Arsene Wenger!
Standing tall, he leads us from the front,
He takes it all, victory and defeat.
Learn something from him, my fellow Gooners,
for he’s the true gentleman in the entire squad!


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