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Robert Pires by Nouf Kayal

Nouf Kayal came to London in 2009 and fell in love with Arsenal immediately. She's since fully embedded herself in the Gunners' ever-expanding community; going to games, reading up on the club's history and of course, sporting the red and white shirt with pride. 

Combined with a desire to make use of her Fine Art studies she's since taken her love for all things Arsenal to a new level, producing regular artwork inspired by Arsene Wenger's squad.

She started producing an illustration each day to publish on her Instagram account, celebrating Man of the Match performances and player birthdays, and has since begun taking requests from followers. Even though she's had numerous requests to tackle players from other clubs, Nouf has stuck to her guns claiming she's an artist dedicated to the Gunners alone.

We particularly like her image of Robert Pires [above], capturing the Gallic legend celebrating his winning goal in the 2003 FA Cup triumph over Southampton.

Nouf is planning to sell her images in the near future so why if you like what you see, why not give her a follow on Instagram - @ARSENAL_AHOLIC

For more information, email - 

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