This website has been designed to commemorate why we as football fans have chosen to become supporters of The Arsenal. It is here to celebrate a shared love, to honour the club that gets us excited at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, to reflect on the achievements of managers who have engineered victories, to pay homage to the heroic efforts of great players, but also to reminisce about those whose achievements may have been forgotten in the passage of time. 

The site exists to bring to life past glories, but also to make sure the bad times are never forgotten. It is about doffing a cap at the stamina needed to ride the football rollercoaster season after season. Fanaticism is a journey with no end, but whether it’s unbridled joy or utter dejection we recognise that it is an experience undertaken together and one which stimulates a 'culture' all of its own. 


From the design of the site to the editorial tone, we’ve been inspired by some brilliant publications. In Bed With MaradonaThe BlizzardThe Run of Play and The Sport Collective are just a few examples of what we are looking to emulate. They each celebrate attention to detail. We aim to do the same, but much will depend on your contributions.


The Arsenal Collective will not be about transfer rumours, or complaining about referees, or slamming an apparent inability to defend corners. It is not designed to house breaking news stories, to hammer a perceived hatred of the club in the media or to bring you behind the scenes gossip. It won’t tell you how many misplaced passes Nicklas Bendtner made in 2007, it won’t moan about commercial deals and nor will it post leaked snapshots of what might be a new kit. It’s not going to do any of the above because there are many exquisitely written and passionate websites which do so already. (Check them out via the links page here).


If you are a writer, poet, journalist, photographer, artist, graphic designer or work in any other creative media and have been inspired by Arsenal, then we want to hear from you. Send us examples of your work via the CONTACT page and we’ll happily link back to your website and/or Twitter account.


We are open to all editorial suggestions for the Features section. However, if you are looking for some basic guidelines, the following could be for you...

  • In depth player profiles (past / present / legends / villains / cult heroes / forgotten men)
  • Interviews with players, coaching staff and officials
  • Anecdotes relating to the club’s history
  • Analysis of famous games
  • Recollections of seasons gone by
  • Top Ten lists and ‘Dream Teams’
  • Book / DVD reviews 
  • If you are feeling brave we’re even open to fiction and poetry. 


If you are a dyed-in-the-wool Gooner, but don’t fancy yourself as a feature writer, you can still contribute to this site. THE MEMORY BANK aims to collate and share anecdotes from Arsenal fans around the globe.

Tell us how you came to support the club, what you love most about Arsenal, your experiences both good and bad and reflections of specific matches, players and action. Your entry can be as long or short as you like and by all means send us more than one.

Please be patient once you have sent in your contribution. While we will endeavor to upload your work as soon as possible, there is a good chance publication of entries will could take up to a month. 


If you are a collector of Arsenal memorabilia we would also love to hear from you. It is possible your collection of matchday programmes, autographs, old tickets, Subbuteo teams, badges, Panini stickers etc. could be perfect for the Gallery section. 

We are also after...

  • YouTube footage of old matches, great goals and pieces of skill. Stirring montages are also very welcome, although anything with a thumping Europop soundtrack will likely be rejected! 
  • Links to your artwork, graphic design, infographics and photographs. 


  • As you will notice The Arsenal Collective does not currently house any advertisements. In an ideal world we’d like to keep it that way. Obviously as a consequence of it being a passion project rather than a money making endeavour, we are unable to pay hard cash to contributors.
  • Just because you send us work doesn't necessarily mean we will feature it. We uphold the right to be selective, but will let you know either way. 
  • We apologise for writing this in the third person.